Sunday, June 16, 2013

Multi Commander v3.2.1

v3.1 is now out. Over 145+ changes has gone into this release.

Most changes are related to stability and bug fixes.
Also a lot of changes and clean up for the SDK. Making the SDK ready to be released.

Read more and download it

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Multi Commander and C++11

I been doing a lot of code clean up and refactoring in Multi Commander, I been updating a lot of the code to use new C++11 features, like lambdas, shard_ptr, uniqie_ptr , auto, ravlue and more.

The result is a code that is much more cleaner, safer and it is much easier to maintain.

I still got a lot of old style C++ left. But I will update the code class by class when I'm in changing and fixing bug in them. So more and more code will be updated.

I also added rvalue support in my script engine. That increased the performance of the engine a bit. However I do not think anyone will really notice it since most script are very small. But everything that uses less CPU cycles is a good thing.