Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MZCrumbBar v1.5

I notice that I had not published the updates for my MZCrumbBar MFC Controller. So It was time to push out a new update. (Yes, MFC is actually still alive.)

This is a C++ MFC controller for Windows desktop development. It will allow you to present a clickable crumbbar. It does not have to be path it can also any string that is separated by a separator. 
Read more about it on the project page


There are 2 minor updates since v1.3.
The first change is an addition from Added by Iain Clarke that is good if you do some custom drawing.
The second change is a fix from me, It fixes a crash that happen in a rare situation. The inplace controller destroys and delete is self when losing focus.And in rare situations can you receive WM_KILLFOCUS before OnCreate on completed.

The article there is not yet updated

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Building Multi Commander with VS2012

Since the C++ compiler in VS2012 do support a lot more of the new C++11 standard, this is a compiler that I want to move over to. So I spent some time upgrading the Multi Commander project so that it can be built with the new C++ compiler.
( C++ news in VS2012 )

The upgrade was almost flawless. Their was only some minor issue to get my VS2010 projects to be built with VS2012. Like I had to upgrade WTL to version 8.1 (I had not upgraded this in a while so it was about time anyway) and also some other minor issue.

Multi Commander builds pretty clean, no warnings with the exception of some 3de party code. (zlib/bzip2)
With VS2012 I do however get a couple of more warnings, most of them are
 "warning C4702: unreachable code" VS2012 is a lot better at finding unreachable code.

Build Time

The build time is a little longer with VS2012, But that was expected since VS2012 support so much more and optimize code a lot better then VS2010 (Like the auto vectorizer), Not that I think it will be noticeable in Multi Commander since it is not very CPU consuming anyway.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Multi Commander v2.7

Multi Commander 2.7 is finally out.

This version has over 180+ changes since last version (2.5.1)

Read more and then download it