Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Post

It is not like the world need more blogs about programming. But here it is anyway.

This blog will mostly be about software development on Windows, C++, Debugging, and what else that can be said about it.

Who I'm I?
I'm self though programmer that started with programming on the Commadore C64, and then with C and some assembler on the Amiga 500 a long time ago. Don't remember exactly when, but I got my Amiga 500 around 1989.

I'm been working as a C++ developer since 1997, Currently I'm working as a consultant for Consulence and been placed at a company in Malmö,Sweden for the past few years, There I and a couple of other developers are maintain lots of legacy code, fixing bugs, investigating customer problems, implementing new features and more.

Personal Projects
A lot of my spare time goes into the development of Multi Commander.
Multi Commander is a file manager replacement for Windows Explorer, I been working on that for a long time and it was only available to me and some friends. But recently I decided to release it publicly.

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