Tuesday, September 13, 2011

C++11 Feature support in VC11

Today it was released what C++11 feature that VC11 will support.

The expection was that a lot more would be support. Only 3 new feature sinces VC10.
A lot of people displayd the disapointnemt in the commentsand rightfully so. I think that more could be expected from a company as big as Microsoft.

The the 3 new feature is not everything that is new. If we look at the bright side of things we get more from STL, We get the new AMP that is very intressting, and we get the <filesystem> header from TR2 , that will give us the Boost.Filesystem V2, and that is good.
The new threading support via the <thread> header will be there and that is something I look forward to use.

So even if the new feature for VC11 is not what we expected it is not all bad.

And with the BUILD conference starting today. I expect that we will get lot more news about developing with Windows 8 soon.

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