Sunday, June 17, 2012

VS2012 Get XP Support for C++

It is incredible. Something happen that I would never believe would happen.

Microsoft and the Visual Studio Team actually listen to feedback and changed their decision about Windows XP support for C++ application in VS2012.

Their have been a uproar among developers that applications built with VS2012 did not run on Windows XP. Since a lot of businesses still uses Windows XP a lot of developers still need to support it. And the biggest reasons for C++ developers to upgrade to VS2012 is to get the new C++11 features.
But without XP support that would not be possible.

But they have now changed their mind.

You still will not be able to install and run VS2012 on Windows XP. But this fall a update for VS2012 will be release that will allow your applications that are built using C++ in VS2012  to run on Windows XP.

Read more about it on the Visual C++ Team Blog Post

This is also good news for Multi Commander.
I still got around 15-20% of users on Windows XP. And I really wanted to move over and use the new C++11 since a big reason for me to spend to much of time developing Multi Commander is to enhance my programming skill and not be able to move over to VS2012 was not an option for me.

So I had two choices.
Skip XP support and loose 15-20% of users. Or split Multi Commander into two lines, One with XP support and one without. But then only the one that did not support XP would get the newest features that was developed using C++11,
The XP line would only get bug fixes and minor features.

But now I do not have to do that. Multi Commander will still be able to support Windows XP for a couple of more years. Until the user base to small enough so they can be ignored.

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