Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MZCrumbBar v1.5

I notice that I had not published the updates for my MZCrumbBar MFC Controller. So It was time to push out a new update. (Yes, MFC is actually still alive.)

This is a C++ MFC controller for Windows desktop development. It will allow you to present a clickable crumbbar. It does not have to be path it can also any string that is separated by a separator. 
Read more about it on the project page


There are 2 minor updates since v1.3.
The first change is an addition from Added by Iain Clarke that is good if you do some custom drawing.
The second change is a fix from me, It fixes a crash that happen in a rare situation. The inplace controller destroys and delete is self when losing focus.And in rare situations can you receive WM_KILLFOCUS before OnCreate on completed.

The article there is not yet updated

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