Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Multi Commander v3.5

v3.5 of Multi Commander is now out. This version contains a lot of fixes and changes. Over 310+ changes.

One of the biggest additions in this release is that the rule based file coloring can now be configured using an UI. Also inline rename can now move to previous/next item using the arrow up/down key

Windows Control Panels can now be launched from the Tools menu. Making it easier to find and start the different control panel. It is even possible to assign hot-keys to them.

Another change is the Delete progress window. It will now show how much it is going to delete and how many items / MB is has deleted. This can be useful when deleting many files over a slow network.
You can also configure the delete operation to continue on error. It will then not ask what to do if an error happens. And you can also configure it to always delete. If this is enable the delete operations will always try to delete files without asking. even if they are readonly, or other issue.
This options can also be toggled from the delete progress dialog. But you will only have a change to change them there if you are deleting over a slow network. On local harddrive delete operation are often over in in seconds.

File search has also got some minor UI improvments. It will remember what was entered into it between runs and you can now clear everything in the Find files dialog with a click on the clear button.

The Regular expression engine is also updated. It is now using the engine that is included in the C++11 standard and that engine is more compatible to how regular expressions works in perl.
So writing expressions should be a lot easier. You can now look for help online on how to write them.

And much more...

Read more and download it

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